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Umoja. Unity in  motion.




Everything is in this one word: umoja. The term from the Ugandan national language Swahili means "unity". And that's exactly what it's about. Moving things together, achieving something together, showing a common attitude. Through sport we are in motion together. And together we want to work for a sustainable development: In Germany. In Africa. In the world.

This is why we created the umoja brand: conceived in Hoffenheim and built in Uganda, umoja embodies both lifestyle and attitude. We want to awaken a sense of responsibility. At the same time, we want to strengthen socially and ecologically sustainable development. There and here.

The entire value chain, from the cultivation of cotton to the finished product, takes place under fair and safe working conditions in Uganda. The cotton is grown in the Kasese region in the west of the country and is "Cotton made in Africa" certified. 

"Cotton made in Africa" is an internationally recognized standard for sustainably produced cotton from Africa. Through trade, the Aid by Trade Foundation's initiative helps around 900,000 million smallholders in sub-Saharan Africa to help themselves, thus making a significant contribution to improving their living conditions and protecting our environment.

We know that limits only exist for the individual. Because together we can master almost any challenge. And the bigger our team, the more we move. We are Umoja. We are Unity in Motion.

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