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There will be some changes from the 14th of Spetember 2019 for you!

From saturday the 14th of september 2019 your online transaction are even more secure! The reason? The new EU Payment Service Directive, the PSD2 enters in force. All Banks are getting ready for the transition to the PSD2. We will keep up to date with the changes in order to adapt to them immediately. We have for you an over view on how it will continue after the 14th of September 2019.


What changes specifically for you?

If you pay by credit card online in the TSG-Fanshop, we advise you to ask your bank whether your credit card is registered / unlocked for so-called "two-factor authentication". If so, nothing changes for you. If not, your bank must help you with the transition to the "two-factor authentication".

In the meantime, you can conveniently use one of our other payment methods. If you notice after the 14th September 2019 that your credit card payment is not being confirmed or not going through, you still can proceed by choosing "Sofortüberweisung", Billpay or PayPal as the payment method.


What are the advantages of the PSD2? 

The PSD2 protects your credit card data even more effectively against misuse, since you have to double confirm your identity from the 14th of September 2019 if using online payments. This ensures that only you use your credit card and not someone else. If someone steals your cell phone, your computer or your credit card, the thief cannot use it. He will need a second-factor of authentification, like for example, your password or a fingerprint to be able to pay for anything. Further information on this topic can be found at the Deutsche Bundesbank



Methods of payment accepted in the official TSG 1899 Hoffenheim online shop are:

  • PayPal
  • credit card: VISA & Mastercard
  • Sofortüberweisung (SOFORT)
  • Purchase on account


When will the money be moved from my account, respectevily how do i pay?


In order to use the PayPal method, it is mandatory to have a own PayPal-account.

When you choose PayPal as your method of payment you will be directed to the PayPal website. You can confirm the payment once you entered your username and password. The billing amount will be charged from your PalPal-account after you received the confirmation email.

Your benefits:

  • Easy: Only two steps, no bank- or credit card information is needed
  • Safe: no transfer of bank- or credit card information to others
  • Fast: very fast release of payment

IMPORTANT: PayPal is not available for costumers outside the EU.


Credit card:

In order to use your credit card as payment method, it is essential to have a Mastercard or VISA card.

If you choose to pay by credit card, you need to insert your credit card details. Therefore you need the credit card number, the check digit and the period of validity.

To make your credit card payment as safe as possible, we use the safety standard "3D Secure". By pressing "check & order", you will be forwarded to the entry page of your bank to confirm the payment with a password which is also provided by your bank.

After finishing this process, you only have to confirm your purchase on the summary page of the achtzehn99 online shop.

The invoice amount will be charged from your credit card after the shipping of the goods. Please consider that there will be a credit card authorization of the invoice amount between the ordering confirmation and the shipment of the goods.

Your benefits: 

  • Safe: With the help of the Secure Code process, the safety of the credit card payment was once more improved.
  • Save payment information: You can save your credit card details for your next purchase via PCI-Standard. Your data will be encoded and is not saved on our servers.



For the payment method Sofortüberweisung, you need an online banking account. Almost all national banks enable an appropriate access. Check the website to see if your bank is involved.

After you chose Sofortüberweisung as your payment method, you will be forwared to the website of Sofort GmbH at the end of your ordering process (after confirming the button "chargeable order now"). You need to insert your bank details step by step. Afterwards you insert your usual entrance data for the online banking in a secured payment form. the TAN generator will now allow you to transact the transfer.

Your benefits:

  • Safe: The TAN will be sent to you by your bank and the PIN matches your online banking PIN
  • Comfortable: You do not have to visit the website of your bank
  • Convenient: Your forms will be filled in advance


Purchase on account:

The bill is to be payed within 20 days counted by the date of order to our payment partner Klarna Bank AB (publ), handelnd durch ihre Zweigniederlassung in Deutschland, Klarna Bank AB, German Branch.

The payment method purchase on account is not available for all articles and all customers. It requires a successful credit check operated by our partner Klarna Bank AB (publ), handelnd durch ihre Zweigniederlassung in Deutschland, Klarna Bank AB, German Branch.

If the customer is offered the payment method purchase on account after a successful credit check, the transaction will be executed together with Klarna Bank AB (publ), handelnd durch ihre Zweigniederlassung in Deutschland, Klarna Bank AB, German Branch and to who we also assign our receivables.

The clearance of debt of the customer can only be made over Klarna Bank AB (publ), handelnd durch ihre Zweigniederlassung in Deutschland, Klarna Bank AB, German Branch. The TSG Hoffenheim will still be the contact for shipment, delivery times, returns, coupons, etc. The privacy policy of Klarna Bank AB, German Branch is applied.


Your benefits:

  • Convenient: Don't pay until the articles are delivered
  • Fast: Shipment directly after ordering




Is it possible to have a different delivery- and billing address?

Yes, as long as both addresses belong to the same country. Just enter a seperate delivery- and billing address during the purchase process.

If you have additional questions, you can check out our FAQ, or contact us directly via phone (+497261 - 94 93 301 or email (

Our customer service is available Monday through Friday from 10 am to 6pm.